What is Black Magic and How it Works?

Black magic basically an evil power works with Devils, Shatans and their followers, according to holly books the magic is an evil power works invisibly to destroy the beliefs of a person and specially for Muslims, during some past years the black magic is used for different purposes among the peoples, but now the magic has became in a very worst form where lot of peoples are using it in a form of a very dangerous weapon to attack on other or to gain power over others.

There are different types of black magic with which peoples attack on others and gain power over others, the worst forms of black magic are now been in practice in India, South Africa, Israel, America etc and many other countries where the magicians practices these worst occult practices. The worst form of black magic is also knows as kabala black magic with which they perform a ritual on a new born babies these type of black magic knows as the worst black magic in the world.

The black magic works in different steps with which the magician calls the devils by doing alters and reading the satanic words in an order as devils told the magician to read these word in a special period of time in the night and with those words the magician calls the devils and than perform the ritual on the victim. They call the names of satan and than give them the path that how to find the victim and to attack on them.

The magician takes the picture of victim his name his father or mother names, or the cloths of victim with which the magician attacks on the victim as i have mentioned above the magician reads the satanic words and calls the group of devils than magician deal with them to attack on the person and as a reward the magician gives them the blood, fragrances, sindur etc or any other thing the devils requests to perform or complete the task which the magician is required to do with victim.

Protection from Black Magic and Evil Powers

In this blog you will find that you how you can protect your self from the affects of black magic and other evils practices, This blogs will provides you compete information how can you protect you self and the peoples around from black magic and other evil powers.

In case if a person around you is suffering from black magic or any other spiritual so dont wast your time till it will be too late, in coming posts i will give you the complete information how can you break a spell or black magic ritual easily with your own effort.

With very simple steps and by following the spiritual exercises you can easily control over the bad affects of black magic and evil powers, but the most important thing in this section is that you will follow the exercises on daily bases.

Amulet for Problem in Talking

The amulet given in the picture is best for the person who is suffering from the disease or problem related talking, so write this amulet on white paper using the ink of saffron after put it in the water and give the water to drink the victim daily. In some case through the black magic the magician also makes this type of problems for the patients so this amulet is also helpful in that case.

Voodoo Dolls Black Magic Symptoms

Dua for Luck and Success

These two Ism Names of Allah are best for the luck and success recite 2122 times daily for 7 days for luck and success, also the same you can follow for education, business or any other legal matter according to Shariat and Islam.

Amulet for Love Between Two Persons

The amulet given in the picture is best for making love between two persons write this amulet on white paper using the ink of saffron and further process and permission you can get from us by contacting us in this website contact portion.

Amulet for Headache Cure if Its Due to Black Magic

The amulet given above is best for the removal of black magic, in some case black magician directly attacks on the victims head and with this problem the victim starts feeling headache, this feeling can also be more stronger if the magician is attacking through the voodoo dolls, in both case write this amulet on white paper and cover it with plastic coating after put it in leather cover, with blessing of these words InshAllah Allah will give you the cure and relief from this problem.