Amule for Debtor Not Illegible to Refund the Money

The amulet given in the picture is for the person who is debtor or a person who brows money from other and suffers from lot of problems, and the money dont remains in his account or in his hand, some time due to black magic and the voodoo the curse spells can also affect your cycle of life and money cycle. So in this type of case where you are doing to much efforts and not getting the results and the money cycle in you life is not good, and borrowing to much money from peoples and in a result you are in  to much debts so write the amulet on white paper using the ink of saffron and put it in leather cover and plastic coating and wear/tie the amulet on your right shoulder. InshaAllah with blessings of these names of Allah the money will remains in your hand and account and InshAllah you will be capable for refunding the peoples money back.

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