Amulet for Burning Jins Satan Evil Spirits Black Magic Removal

The amulet given in the picture is best for burning jinss and satans in victims body, but this amal and amulet is only for the healers raqi or amil so its not for public to use, write this amulet on white paper using red ink and after take a lamp of soil and some fragrance oil and cotton after put this amulet in cotton and put the cotton covered amulet in lamp of soil and put oil and fragrance in lamp and burn the amulet in front of the victim, when the amulet burn the patients starts feeling pain in his body and in some cases the patient starts crying or feel that his body parts are heating up the jins in the body of victim will starts burning when you will burn this amulet, so be careful if you are expert in doing these things and can easily fight with satan only do this amal other wise get the permission for doing this amal by contacting us.

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