Amulet for Grant of Wish, Hajat Rawai ka Taweez

If you have some wish and you would like to get it done from Allah SuhanwatAllah so the Amulet and the amal i am going to mention here is best for it, With this method when you prayers to Allah InshAllah Allah will help you out and InshAllah will grant you for your wish.

First write down this amulet on a white paper through the ink of saffron after that cover it in a plastic coating so the water cant get enter in the amulet than fix a time and place this amulet on a clean and high place and than start the amal as i am going to mention below.

Recite 786 time Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim and and at that time place this amulet in front of you after complete the number of recitation take this amulet in your right hand than pray to Allah for the wish and as you want to get in done from Allah SubhanwtAllah.

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