Amulet for love Most Authentic and InshAllah Works

The amulet which is give above is best of make love between two lovers dont us this amulet for the haram purpose only us this amulet for halal purpose. Write down this amulet through the ink of zafran on white paper at the time of sunrise after 15 minutes and than cover the 4th of the corners of the amulet and than put it in the plastic cover and coating so the water cant enter in the amulet after that take a red cloth and put this amulet in that cloth and than close the forth of corner of cloths with threads and than tie this amulet on the right arm. This amulet is best to make love between husband and wife also you can use it to make love in family.

Note: don't use this amulet for the haram purpose only use this for halal purpose followed by the Islam and Sunah.

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