Amulet for Love

The amulet which is give above is for love, but for writing the Amulet first you need to add the number of the name of both lovers names, for this purpose you should must have full command on numerology Islamic method of adding number and names, So with this method you will find out that how you will converts the names in to number of a person, after finding the name and number and add them on the amulet same as give above than put it in to a cover of plastic coating that water could not be enter in the coating and that cover it with a red cloth and tether it at the top of tree which provides fruits, also use this amulet only for the Halal purpose dont use it for any kind of haram, We have written down the full method so you can easily get the benefit the amulet is also helpful between the love of husband of wife. you can also get done this amal through munsaib hadia cost for that purpose you can get in touch with us through the contact portion.

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